Individual Counselling

Individual counselling is especially helpful in dealing with crises and difficult life transitions, depression and unhappiness, stress and anxiety, grief and loss, trauma, and addictions.

If I see you as an individual, my goals are to:
• provide a safe, supportive and private space in which your healing journey can unfold
• allow you to feel heard, understood, and accepted for who you are
• foster a collaborative relationship built on mutual trust and respect
• identify and build on your strengths, increasing confidence and self-esteem
• offer you new skills, tools and perspectives that will last a lifetime
• help you understand your situation, thoughts, feelings, actions and needs with greater clarity
• find the best possible combination of counselling strategies to fit your unique needs, goals, values, beliefs, personality and circumstances
• go deeper into the root causes of your issue, to bring about lasting change
• uncover all the possible resources, options, and solutions available to you
• help you find hope, meaning, purpose and happiness in life
• foster personal growth, enabling you to realize your full potential

Couple and Marriage Counselling

Couple counselling is helpful for those struggling with frequent conflict, a growing sense of distance and disconnection, betrayal, and the possibility of separation or divorce. It can be equally useful for couples who want to prevent these problems from developing.

If I see you as a couple, my goals are to:
• enable you both to feel equally safe and supported as you speak your truth
• create a 'softening' by helping you remember what you love(d) about each other
• identify and combat dysfunctional communication patterns
• help you to stop working against each other, and start working together
• teach you numerous effective communication tools
• help you both feel heard, understood, and respected as you share difficult feelings, thoughts, concerns and needs
• help you feel empathy for each others pain
• help you both identify, understand and deal with your 'raw spots' or triggers
• help you both understand and respond to what you need from each other
• help you resolve conflicts that can be resolved, and de-claw those that cannot
• help you find ways to forgive, heal and move beyond past betrayal and hurt
• help you get to know each other better, increasing your mutual fondness and admiration
• help you rediscover the trust, intimacy and passion you felt when you first met
• share with you numerous strategies for keeping your relationship strong

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